Chester NJ Homes for Sale

In the 1970s, Chester underwent an exciting evolution with the establishment of a major retail shopping area, which featured unique antique and collectible shops. Throughout the 1990s, this retail ‘Antique Mecca’ was expanded to offer residents and visitors an even greater selection of specialty merchandise. Today, you’ll find over 80 shops in Historic Chester, selling everything from one-of-a-kind gifts, mouthwatering confections and stunning jewelry to trendy clothing and accessories. And let’s not forget the town’s vast selection of eateries that offer something to please every palate.

Although Chester is in many ways a contemporary suburban town, its streets and storefronts still exude a quiet country ‘home town’ charm that’s reminiscent of the past. In fact, you might say Chester offers the “best of both worlds” – a rich and fascinating historical heritage combined with the comforts and innovations of the modern world!